“I can’t say enough good things about Bonny Doon Preschool, and our family is so grateful for the care and attention that our child receives there!  The staff have worked tirelessly to design a space that naturally encourages learning through play, and to foster a sense of community among the students.  My daughter is so excited when it is a school day, and engages right away in the projects that are set up. It is so reassuring as a parent to have my child have such a positive first experience with school, and it has made the transition from home to school a breeze.  My daughter feels a strong connection with all of the teachers, and she loves talking about them at home. The limited teacher turn over means that my daughter can build on that relationship over time. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect place. Thank you.” - Stephanie Sumarna

“Bonny Doon Preschool was an amazing experience for our entire family for 2 perfect years. Teacher Jennifer and the other teachers at the time helped our son Remi discover the person he is today, and most importantly we would not have done it without the generous scholarship we received. Thank you” - Vanessa, Todd and Remi LeJeune

"Bonny Doon Community Preschool was an incredible place for our 2 boys to learn and grow. The classroom and outdoor play space was set up for lots of creativity, imagination and exploration, which was important to us. I was so impressed by the thoughtful, child develop based curriculum and the teaching philosophy, especially the conflict resolution methods and Teacher Max's musical lessons. One of my boys was very reluctant to stay at school each day but Teacher Jennifer was able to connect with him and help him adjust. We also really enjoyed how the preschool brings together the young families within the unique community of Bonny Doon. Graduating into elementary school was incredibly bittersweet!" - Natalia Flechsig