At Bonny Doon Preschool we offer a program that reflects our philosophy that young children learn most effectively in a play centered environment. At Bonny Doon Preschool we emphasize learning through play in an anti-bias environment that is carefully planned to encourage discovery, independence and social interaction. In order to develop self-esteem, social competence and critical thinking skills, children are encouraged to help themselves, help others, take initiative, and become increasingly independent.

At the core of children’s learning is play. It is during self-initiated play that children move through the developmental stages that lead to physical, cognitive, social and emotional maturity. Play provides the medium through which the children may imitate, explore, test ideas, acquire information and draw conclusions. Children use spontaneous play to work through internal and interpersonal conflicts. By doing this, their minds are freed to work on intellectual and cognitive tasks. 

Preschool aged children are active, sensory learners and need to be provided with multiple opportunities for self-chosen exploration, investigation, social interaction and problem solving. We are much more interested in this process than in any products that children may create. Children who engage in activities of their own choosing gain a sense of autonomy, effectiveness and eventual mastery. They develop self-direction, self-confidence; trust in their abilities and belief in their self worth.

Our preschool program is based on a continually growing knowledge base of child development and appropriate practices as recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).





To provide a high quality enrichment program for

local preschool children

and their families.



Purpose Statement

We provide a safe, child-centered learning environment where children can learn and develop through play at their own individual pace. The Bonny Doon Community Preschool is a cooperative effort by families and staff to raise happy, healthy, compassionate and socially confident children. Our program brings together families and teachers from a variety of cultures, traditions and family styles. We encourage open discussion of social issues and expect that together we will deepen our understanding and acceptance of life-styles and cultures different from our own.