What is the Board?

The primary function of the Board is to work in conjunction with the Executive Director (Jennifer Koski) to set (and review, evaluate and revise when appropriate) the direction of the Preschool. The Board and Executive Director establish and maintain the direction of the school including purpose, mission, goals and objectives. In addition the Board: Hires and Evaluates the Executive director, works to ensure staff has resources needed to maintain quality programs, monitor financial status and coordinate fundraising efforts, and develop policies of admission, attendance, tuition and program goals.

The Board consists of at least 5 but no more then nine. The members include parents and community members.  Designated or Elected positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, Past-President, Fundraiser and Committee Chair persons. We require a Quorum of 51% for Voting. We currently have 6 members.

We are seeking new members!!!!!   If you are interested in joining please contact Jennifer.  Several members are in their last year of and we would love to get new people involved to ensure the transition into the future is smooth!


Minutes are available at preschool in Minutes Binder. 


Meeting are held monthly. Childcare is available when possible.  


The 2018-2019 fundraising goal is $15,000.


Board Members

Angelina Hippen - President 

Cindy Cisneros - Vice President

Meggin Harmon - Treasurer

Erica Sires - Secretary

Tami Harlan - Board Member/Past Board President

Melissa Hansen - Board Member/Fundraiser