Mission Statement

To provide a high quality enrichment program for local preschool children and their families.

Purpose Statement

We provide a safe, child-centered learning environment where children can learn and develop through play at their own individual pace. The Bonny Doon Community Preschool is a cooperative effort by families and staff to raise happy, healthy, compassionate and socially confident children. Our program brings together families and teachers from a variety of cultures, traditions and family styles. We encourage open discussion of social issues and expect that together we will deepen our understanding and acceptance of life-styles and cultures different from our own.

Program Goals and Values

To develop child-centered learning: Our play-based curriculum allows learning to emerge naturally by encouraging the children's natural curiosity and desire to learn. We promote independence and cooperative learning by guiding children’s interactions with the classroom environment, their peers, and their teachers.

To foster creativity: We encourage creative thinking at all levels, from artistic expression and creative problem solving in the classroom to innovative ideas for the program’s administration. We strive to provide a print and language rich environment that preserves the child’s home language and encourages all children to learn a second language.

To promote kindergarten readiness: We make available kindergarten readiness activities and materials. Our program fosters growth in attention span, memory, mathematical concepts, literacy, problem solving and critical thinking.

To provide security: Through the dedication and commitment of our staff and parents, we create a safe place for children to explore their world, their emotions, and their relationships. We endeavor to provide opportunities for children and adults to experience joy and playfulness with other members of our program. Our daily schedule and pace meets the needs of a child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs by balancing active play, quiet time, group time, individual activity and relaxation.

To impart respect: Children, staff, and parents are treated with respect and tolerance as we strive to understand and celebrate our differences as well as our similarities.

To build community: We build relationships among parents, teachers and children by working together, sharing our cultural experiences, and communicating openly and effectively.

To encourage growth: We provide opportunities for professional and personal growth through workshops, classes and shared experiences. We provide a supportive environment that promotes leadership development, communication and commitment to social change.

To take responsibility: We create a stable environment for families and staff and ensure the long-term viability of the preschool by establishing and following responsible fiscal and operational policies. Our program employs well-trained and committed staff.